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The cornerstones of our business model

Our cornerstones Decentralized organization, Sustainable business and High return on capital employed forms the fundamentals in our business model.


Decentralized organization

  • The companies are responsible for their own results and organizations and for transparent reporting
  • Deep local market knowledge and customer-centric adaptations
  • The companies define their own values and culture, which are harmonized with the group's
  • Create the best conditions for the companies through continuous improvement and optimization of the group structure


Sustainable business

  • Trust through openness and transparency
  • Long-term business with stable finances, growth, and predictability
  • Attractive employer with inclusive work environment, healthy culture and motivating leadership
  • Active climate work that takes the entire value chain into account


High return on capital employed

  • Leader in return on capital through low tied-up capital, strong cash flow and healthy margins
  • Strong market positions in selected niches and business models where the customer is in focus
  • Innovative development of our offering to future-proof the business model and margins
  • Efficient use of resources, cost control and high productivity

Active ownership

Consivo is an active owner and its subsidiaries can access the Group’s collective resources, industry expertise and network. Our governance model is based on decentralisation, where the management teams of the subsidiaries have the freedom to run their own business operations within the framework of the Group’s goals and requirements.