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Part of our growth strategy

Acquisitions are a key part of our growth strategy. However, it is even more important to acquire the right companies – companies with future potential, dedicated management teams and engaged employees. This is why we are always on the lookout for good companies with solid operations that want to grow and develop independently in a decentralised, secure and stable structure.

We are not restricted only to our current business areas – we are also open to companies offering different products or services linked to the Nordic FMCG market.


Why should I sell my company?

If you run, and perhaps even have founded, a company, this often creates such deep commitment that it becomes part of your own identity. Several of us at Consivo are entrepreneurs at heart, so we understand how it feels and what it takes to create ongoing development.

But regardless of how well your business is doing, it's important to evaluate how to move forward, both with a short and long term perspective.

  • Perhaps a generation shift is approaching and there’s no obvious successor to take over?
  • Are you thinking about growth potential, but you’re not willing or able to expand by yourself?
  • Can you see opportunities from broadening the business, but you want the security of an established structure?
  • Would you like to stay on and continue to develop your company while building financial security?

If so, contact us at Consivo!

Why Consivo?

Insted of centralised micro management, we beleive in management by objectives and decision making close to the operational business. This is why we have an ownership philosophy that creates the right conditions for professional entrepreneurs with and engaged employees.

We truly have a long term perspective
Sustainable, long-term business with part ownership for key personnel.

Independence is paramount
Freedom to drive the business independently within the framework of our decentralised business model.

Knowledge and support – if needed
Networks between companies and strategic support from industry experts.

Financial strength - provides security and stability
Financial stability is the cornerstone of what we do.

Welcome to our family of companies!


“We found a strategic focus”

“At first we were a bit worried there would be big changes, that someone would come along and turn everything upside down. But that wasn’t the case at all. It turned out to be a leap forward, with a strong focus on strategic opportunities.

One major difference for us is that now there are other companies we share a common interest with, and I have an ongoing dialogue with the management of Consivo. It’s valuable to discuss things with people who really know the industry, and to get advice and support before making critical business decisions.”

Johanna Hautamäki, Managing Director, Johdin OY (acquired in 2016)

Sound interesting?

Please get in touch for an informal and non-binding conversation if you’re thinking of selling your company, or have an idea about some other form of collaboration.

CEO Edvard Björkenheim, phone +46 76 001 58 01 or e-mail