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Strategic focus

Our strategic focus is based on our vision to be the best business partner
to the FMCG market in the Nordics.


Profitable profit

Growth is achieved organically, and by acquiring new companies. By realising the potential of our operations on both existing and new markets, we aim to attract new customers and develop new products and services. Consivo aims to actively and continuously evaluate acquisitions both within our existing business areas in order to strengthen our market position, and in new, complementary areas and territories in order to broaden our range of products and services.


Decentralised organisation

Our governance model is characterised by decentralisation, where the subsidiaries are responsible for their respective operations while being backed by Consivo’s shared resources, network and expertise. With subsidiaries that work close to the customer and are flexible, personal and efficient, we can deliver higher customer value.


Strategic business partner

We constinuously strive to develop our ability to create tailormade commercial solutions in close co-operation with our customers. This will enable us to expand our cooperation with each customer, to strengthen our relations and act more as a strategic business partner.


Attractive employer

The expertise, commitment and motivation of our employees are absolutely crucial in order to achieve our goals. We aim to offer inspiring workplaces with a climate of openness and diversity, along with good development opportunities. We safeguard our corporate culture, which is founded on an endeavour to create maximum value for our customers.